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Caitlin is the kind of editor it’s hard to find. Her talent far outweighs her price. She’s a joy to work with and my books shine when she’s done.

USA Today best-selling author M. Lynn/Michelle MacQueen

With multiple years’ experience working for Coffee House Writers, I came to love writing and editing almost as much as reading. You can see some of the books I’ve edited and proofread here.

Preferences, including what I will and will not edit, are beneath prices.


Proofread (light editing and feedback)$20/10,000
Full Edit (detailed editing, content/structure feedback)$50/10,000
*I reserve the right to refuse services or change prices depending on each request.

**One sample chapter will be edited for free upon inquiry. This will be used to determine whether we wish to continue working together.
**Second round of edits is half price.
**Minimum of $50 for editing and $20 for proofreading, regardless of word count.

***All services require a 50% deposit.***
Invoices are sent via PayPal.

Genres I work with:

  • YA fiction — All subgenres (Preferred)
  • NA fiction — All subgenres (Preferred)
  • Adult fiction — Contemporary/romance, light fantasy, urban fantasy, historical fantasy, historical romance

What I might consider working with if you have a compelling synopsis/argument:

  • MG fiction — Fantasy, adventure, contemporary
  • Historical fiction
  • Epic fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Paranormal romance
  • Some nonfiction

What I will NOT work with:

  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Anything with strong abuse, rape, or harassment as a recurring theme.

Contact me here or email caitmarie.author@gmail.com

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