Cover-Based Graphics

All graphics are made in square and wide dimensions to easily share across social media. To avoid cutting off anything in the preview, Instagram needs to be square, Twitter needs to be wide, and Facebook can be either.

**I created the Coffee House Writers covers but none of the others. The titles and some of the graphic details came from their respective designers.

Cover Reveal Announcements

$10 for both announcement sizes ($7 for one size)

Announcing the reveal in advance not only let’s people know to expect it, but it allows you to get bloggers, readers, etc. to sign up to participate in the reveal.

Cover Reveal Countdown

$50 for week’s worth of countdown graphics in both sizes ($30 for week’s worth in one size)

Count down graphics each day are a good way to build up hype!

The Lost Prince

Ephemera: Life Lessons Learned

Cover Reveal/Blog Tour Banners

$10 for banners

This is helpful for bloggers participating in the reveal or tour.

Cover Reveal/Promo

On social media, sometimes it’s easier to just post a graphic instead of the full cover so that it doesn’t get cut off. Facebook is the only one that shows the full cover in the preview.

$10 for both sizes ($7 for one size)

Contact here or email for inquiries.

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