Fun Size

Release Date: March 10, 2020
Order here:


Do you have eclectic taste? Bored with the same recommendations about what to read next? Then the Fun Size Anthology is the perfect choice for your next read. Find the answer to what you’ve been looking for in this collection of short stories to get new ideas of what to add to your TBR pile.

Who doesn’t love the timeless battle between good versus evil? That age-old fight takes many shapes, and they’re all included within the pages of this anthology, ranging from outlaw bikers to angels & demons. Millionaire philanthropists who fight evil to fairy tale characters. FBI agents on the hunt for a notorious serial killer to dragons and sorcerers. Thirsty for a new spin on vampires? Enter the pages of this gateway of stories, and get to know some great authors and learn more about their worlds. Get your recommended daily bite-sized dose of goodness from these stories and more inside!

✨The Lost Warriors Blurb✨

Most people would be sentenced to death for stealing from King Henri. But not Loxley. When Loxley gets caught, instead of a death sentence, he’s ordered to serve the king. There’s a war brewing with another kingdom, and Loxley gets called to action along with his band of associates. They are able to win the war, but at great cost to King Henri. Now Loxley has to answer for that. What will become of Loxley and his gang’s fate?

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